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The Rubber Stamp Shop is a full service manufacturer of rubber stamps with primary focus on home and business products. Use this site to order and get guaranteed web order pricing. We save time & you save cash. Alternatively, you may prefer to fax or email content and requests at full service pricing. We work either way to make your experience with us work for you. We offer a 100% product guarantee on materials and workmanship. We want 100% satisfaction with all of our custom rubber stamps, seals, badges, signs, and other marking products. Thank you for allowing us to be of service for over 50 years.


We are glad that you are here and trust that you will find some of the best prices for high quality rubber stamps.

Use the Stamp Wizard to show which stamps will best fit the content you need. Design the stamp, Preview it, Continue to see the options and prices.

If you know what type and size of stamp you need, then select it and enter the content. The customization system will work to make your selected content fit the stamp that you chose. Either way, you end up with just the stamp that you need.

Please note that all pricing on this website are for product ordered on the web only. Retail pricing is available for those that prefer full service via email or fax.

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New Seals and Notary Logs are Available at Discount Pricing. We want to help make your transition as inexpensive as possible. Here is our best recommendation to comply with new requirements.



The Rubber Stamp Shop has manufactured self inking rubber stamps for businesses, organizations and individuals all across the nation and worldwide since 1964. We bring a new standard to the rubber stamp industry with professionalism, service and quality with every custom stamp we make. Our goal is to provide you with an easy way to order rubber stamps online in a secure and customer friendly website.

There are many companies nationwide that can provide you with custom self inking rubber stamps. What sets us apart is that we manufacture our personalized rubber stamps the same day. Place your order for a custom rubber stamp by 3PM EST and we will manufacture and ship your custom self inking rubber stamp, and have it on its way to you that evening. Rest assured that your personalized rubber stamp will meet your needs, guaranteed! What this means to you is that if for any reason you are not satisfied with your customized rubber stamp, we will replace it at no charge, or refund your money. You are going to like doing business with The Rubber Stamp Shop.

Our custom self-inking rubber stamps are manufactured in house by a staff with over 30 years of combined experience in the personalized rubber stamp industry. Our company stays abreast of the latest technologies to bring you the highest quality self-inking and custom rubber stamps available on the market today.

The Rubber Stamp Shop looks forward to the opportunity of meeting all your custom self inking rubber stamp needs. We are confident that after your first order from The Rubber Stamp Shop, you will choose us for all your rubber stamp needs.


The most popular rubber stamps sold on our site are the self inking rubber address stamps. Our online order form makes the process quick and easy. Our site allows you to order your stamp on line, enter your text, choose your fonts, and view a proof of it prior to ordering. The personalized address ink stamp has been the backbone of our industry. The return address rubber stamps are the most commonly ordered stamps in the world. From putting your address on envelopes at your home, business, organization or clubs, every one has a use for a self inking address stamp. The 2000+ custom return address rubber stamp will give you thousands of stamp impressions without reinking. The premium self-inking stamps and Maxlight preinked stamps offer 25,000 and 50,000 impressions respectively. They offer the most impressions of any rubber stamp before requiring more ink. Our speed of service allows you to order your address stamps in the morning and have them shipped anywhere in the United States that afternoon. This essentially allows you to place your order online and receive your address stamps in a day.


From a simple line dater to a self inking date stamp with custom text we have the product to meet your needs. Our date stamps have 10 year date bands, instead of the standard 6 years for added value to you. These daters are in stock and ready to ship today. Our durable metal frame date stamp provides the quality and longevity for your high volume date stamping needs. Our compact and plastic frame date stamps are an economical choice when a small or inexpensive date stamp is needed. Daters come in a wide variety of styles from a manual line dater to a self inking dater stamp. View our selection and find the one that will meet your needs the best.

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The Rubber Stamp Shop system is extremely powerful and very versatile.

Not sure what kind of rubber stamp you want? Wondering how much each option costs?

We invite you to use the Rubber Stamp Wizard. You can quickly customize a rubber stamp and preview preview it. Once happy with personalized rubber stamp appearance, click continue to see stamp options that best fit your content with pricing for each option. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Find a particular stamp and customize the rubber stamp content for it. Simply start by selecting the rubber stamps and continue to the machine you want.
The search box is another way to quickly find a particular product.

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