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Notary Look Up
California and Oregon you must have an ORIGINAL certificate in hand to ship the stamp.  You must be an approved vendor in California and it costs $50 to apply.  You must stamp the certificate, make a copy for your records and send the original to Sacramento.  In Oregon you must fill out the certificate and send it back to the notary with the stamp.  Washington you are only required to see a copy of the certificate.  North Dakota appears to work the same way as Oregon, where they only want the notary to make the stamp impression on the cert.  It is good practice to: 1. Request a copy of their current notary commission or 2. Use the state database lookups to see if they are indeed a notary.  Not every state has this, but I use it all the time. It won’t work for states like New Mexico, Wisconsin and Kansas that require the notary to make an impression of their seal on their application.