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Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps

What do you write everyday?

Your name and address? Your company's? Are you tired of writing the same information on the same forms for the same people?
Think of the time you can save when you use our MaxLight and PSI Self-Inking Stamps!
Precision crafted, ergonomically designed self-inkers do the job with just a push!
Modern MaxLight and PSI Self-Inking Stamps won't get you hands messy like old-fashioned rubber stamps and ink pads did, and the impressions are clean and accurate every time. Need a reproduction of your signature on thirty different pieces of paper a day? It is easy with our MaxLight and PSI Self-Inking stamps.
Five colors of ink are available: Black, Red, Blue, Purple and Green.

If we need to mark glossy surfaces, then we can get the same reliability and print quality with the quick dry stamps.  Pre-inked Quick dry rubber stamps are available in Red and Black ink only.